Mission Statement

DiploGrad will provide free collaborative forums, 1-on-1 peer tutoring, and educational resources, furthering students' education and help break down socioeconomic barriers. We also see the importance of community and will provide fun events to foster peer connections. With the help of donations, DiploGrad will supply a scholarship to site members in need.


During the hard times of Covid-19, smart students fell behind in their classes and lost social connections with classmates. Students reported missing only a small, key piece of information that made everything click. This insight inspired the creation of a platform where students can collaborate with peers, raise their grades, and build connections with students everywhere. In addition, in recent studies by Harvard and UC Santa Barbara, it was discovered that learning through teaching is the most effective learning method and the foundation of DiploGrad.


Students' education and opportunities will no longer be limited by their upbringing. We see a world where everyone with the desire to do well in school will have the resources to do so. We want to offer this resource in every school around the world and bring communities together. DiploGrad will also look to offer full ride scholarships to pay for a hard working students college education.

*Statistics are updated weekly